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What is coaching?

For many, coaching is a life-changing experience that dramatically improves their outlook. Coaching helps people tap into their potential, unlock sources of creativity and productivity, and engage honestly with their power. 

How is that different from therapy? Great question. Where therapy goes in to support you in healing your roots, coaching goes in to support you in growing your branches. From wherever you are, wherever you stand, both things are deeply supportive practices that enter from different directions.

Do you have more questions? Book a free discovery call, and we'll get them ALL answered.

Concretizing Dreams into Realities

Sitting on Cliff

Who do I work with?

Creatives, entrepreneurs, and humans looking for a dynamic shift towards the magical. ​

Incorporating the work of intuition and years of actor training, my sessions will leave you feeling healed, prepared, and full of possibilities for what’s to come. ​

Calling all Revolutionaries, Students, Mamas, Non-Binary folks, Humans in their Saturn Return, and anyone looking to create the life of their dreams.

Light Bulb

What kinds of coaching are available?

One to One: We create a relationship where my energy and attention are fully dedicated to you. 

Group Coaching: We build a team of 3-4 coachees who get to create relationships and accountability in addition to what I bring.

Company Coaching: We connect to support your entire company/ensemble/community in shifting a dynamic. Looking to create more money? Community? Joy? Art? Let's play.

Rate: $1000/month with sliding scale available to artists affected by the strikes and pandemic, sex workers, those currently unemployed, have debilitating student loans or medical costs, have ever been incarcerated, personally have or whose ancestors have experienced land theft or slavery.

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